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Did You Take a Vacation Yet This Year?

21 Jul 2021

Not the kind where you’re still attached to your phone the whole time. The type where you’re completely off the grid for hours or days. The professional strategy never leaves us however time to reflect, relax, and reconnect with nature never disappoints.

Mid-year recalibration is a practice that I utilize every July. It’s not always possible to take a full week however please take even a few minutes and recalibrate yourself to ensure you’re still mapping to your personal and professional goals. As the CEO of Blush Technology Group, my goals are a bit different however every mid-year audit has opened my eyes to the things that are working, what needs improvement, and where we can really explore to create value for you.

A Locked Gate Isn’t the End

colorado picWhile cruising along in some of the most beautiful places in Colorado (see pic) we constantly consult our maps to ensure we’re at least headed in the right direction of our destination. Like so many digital transformation journeys, we took a wrong turn.

It was some time before we figured it out and the end of our road was a locked gate where we could go no further. This happens for our clients too who have not recalibrated to their journey in too long and took a turn to explore a new solution that wound up leaving them at a dead end.

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A locked gate sometimes looks like integrations that won’t work because the API’s didn’t get developed or your critical systems service provider dropped something on their roadmap that you were counting on.

These wrong turns happen most often when you don’t have a wholistic technology road map that looks at all tools, applications, and systems used between siloed departments. We often must migrate platforms for our clients sooner than expected when we arrive at these locked gates. This affects budgets, team effectiveness, and more soft costs that can easily be calculated.

A regularly consulted, well defined, solution-based road map will give you alternate routes and milestone points at which to take a breath and recalibrate forward, backward, or over a mountain if necessary.

There Are Solutions at Every Wrong Turn

Beyond the physical one that stood before us as we adventured towards the summit; ours was finding a new CRM solution to grow and scale with us and keep in budget. With integrations to our business phones providers, intricate dashboards and automation tools that give us the data we need to measure and manage effectively; our pivot was as painless as we strive to make it for our clients thanks to a good road map!

Our experts thrive on helping develop these plans and are happy to review your existing one, collaborate with you to update it, or write a new one if yours is getting dusty. Our clients get the benefit of quarterly reviews with our experts to ensure they’re on the right track.

Also, if you’re in need of some personal recalibration strategies, feel free to reach out for help!