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We provide state-of-the-art software and business solutions for healthcare providers. Our solutions are tailored specially to meet the needs of today's hospitals, healthcare organizations, and healthcare practices. We’re the technology easy button for healthcare businesses, helping companies:

  • Improve caregiver communication
  • Prevent cyber attacks
  • Increase staff communication and satisfaction
  • Unify communication systems to reduce costs


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Designing Smart Healthcare Technology

Healthcare institutions need functional, dependable, and affordable technology to succeed. Smart IT services, from mobile devices to telehealth to patient data security, are critical to providing the best care possible and the best experience for your patients. But where do you start? Right here with Blush Technology Group.

Our team understands the security challenges and intense regulations the healthcare industry is under. We don’t push pre-packaged services that only sort-of fit your needs or try to talk you into a costly bundle of services that are overbuilt for your organization. Your IT treatment plan will be custom designed to your healthcare company's individual needs and budget. We are well-versed in cutting-edge technologies and know how to integrate them into your existing processes and culture to provide minimal interruption for your staff and patients.


What We Offer

Blush Technology Group can create a healthy IT infrastructure for your business.

UCaaS & VoIP UCaaS & VoIP

Unified Communication as a Services (and VoIP) can provide multiple communication solutions for your team and patients.

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SD-WAN is a hot new technology that entered the marketplace with big promises of providing unbreakable internet while saving companies money.

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Cybersecurity Cybersecurity

Is your healthcare organization sufficiently protected against potential cyber attacks?

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Contact Center Contact Center

Better understand the level of service your patients are receiving and how to improve communication, whether by email, chat, or phone, with a comprehensive contact center.

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Mobility Mobility

Increase your employees' ability to securely and remotely access information they need while protecting them and your organization from compliance concerns and cyber attacks.

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Bandwidth Bandwidth

Regardless of your global location or the need for speed you’ve developed, Blush Technology Group can help you design and take advantage of the best available carrier.

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SaaS SaaS

Software as a Service promises custom solutions provided for your healthcare business without adding costly infrastructure or frequent upgrades.

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The Internet of Things allows you to build out enhanced physical and IT security systems through strategically placed remote sensors. Think it's too expensive for your organization? Think again. Costs have been rapidly decreasing.

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HIPPAA Compliance can sometimes feel like a big mystery. It can feel overwhelming to digest all of the requirements and outline processes for applying to your practice.

Our free security assessment is the first and easiest step you can take to ensuring your technology solutions are adhering to these crucial regulations.

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Enhancing Healthcare Call Center Services

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The Necessity of Mobile Apps for Healthcare Providers

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